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While coaching with me my clients enjoyed success in different areas in their lives. Here are some recent examples:
Finding passion- Project lead at Boeing
Career move, Connecting w/ people- Director at Microsoft
More Effective Leader - Manager at Boeing 
Better understanding of corporate culture and expectations - Software Engineer at Microsoft
Finding more peace - Release Manager at Microsoft
Job promotion- Software Engineer at Microsoft

Below are the testimonials from some of the wonderful people who have worked with me.

Sharmin has been a phenomenal career coach this past year. She has taught me the importance of the connection between the mind and body. It has reshaped my thought process and approach to managing people and issues on a daily basis. Sharmin has also shown me the value of dedicating time to focus on being intentional and including all supporting team members in the journey. This has allowed me to leverage the collective group when trying to achieve goals. I would recommend Sharmin as a career coach to anyone that wants to take their career to next level.
-A. Rodriguez, Manager at Boeing, Everette WA, Sept 2013
Working with Sharmin has been one of the best decisions I've made! Through thoughtful inquiry, Sharmin has helped me question my current situation and realize my true passion. I highly recommend her courses and 1 on 1 coaching to anyone looking to advance in their career and make positive changes in their life.
-C. Velasco, The Boeing Company, Bellevue WA, Aug 2012
Sharmin is an amazing coach. She is able to think through an issue and provide valuable insight. She is personable, articulate, professional and has good integrity. I am better off having worked with her.
-A. Adil, Director at Microsoft, Redmond WA, July 2011
I reached out to Sharmin when I was in utter frustration about my PhD study and was facing hardship to give proper attention to every aspects of my life.

The nice thing about her that she didn't prescribe me anything, rather she helped me to figure out the bottlenecks by myself. I now am doing well with my research and publications and feel quite confident about my current path.   

I now realize that one should take help from a coach to get clarity about life, happiness, and figure out one's passion, not necessarily only when one is in trouble. I feel fortunate to work with her.

T Hossain, PhD student at Virginia Tech, Oct 2012
Comments from Microsoft Class Participants:
"It taught me how to give myself permission to do things even it is just for me. When I take care of myself I am better prepared to serve others".

"Sharmin helped me find some ideas how to be in better control even in the most challenging parenting moments"

"It helps you think about why you do the things you do."

"Liked the idea of looking further into the future instead of just reacting to the current situation"

"Core value exercise was useful to get in touch with my inner self. I am now more prepared to honor those core values in my day to day life. I used to think:“I know what I don’t want but I don't know what I want either”. Sharmin's class gave me a tool to find out what I really want!"

-Comments from participants from Sharmin's class at Microsoft STB, Oct 2012

Thank you for taking the time to share your insights with us. In particular, I really like your advice to think of our goals in terms of being outcome based – which helps me think more concretely in terms of what I really want. It is also nice to be reminded that there are a lot of factors that contributes to our happiness – work and family is just a part of the happiness pie.

-S. Chan, Microsoft, Oct 2012, attended Sharmin's seminar

 I learned what it is like to be able to ask questions and not be criticized for it. I have opened up and have learned that I can truly come up with plans and ideas and then follow them through.I have also learned to "be present" which has helped me to take decisions, in the last few days I made a strong decision and it has worked very well because I didn't let the other force me into a decision but I gave myself space to think in peace, and in peace I made the choice, and I've
noticed that when I feel tired or something after this decision, I remember that peace of the decision and I am motivated again.
Having you listen to me has also been very interesting, because at the same time that I act as the "client" I am also observing your reactions and what you ask me, in a small way I have copied your style in certain situations, helping the other person get closer to an answer they  find by themselves rather than me giving it.

You made me realize that I can just be myself and think honestly. Thank you very much!
-A. Novak, Software Engineer at Microsoft, Redmond WA, June 2011
I appreciate Sharmin's coaching very much! It has helped me to grow in my career. My manager noticed that I have made significant improvement in last couple of months, I got a promotion. I am now recognized as one of the top performers in my team!
-H. Haque, Software Engineer at Microsoft, Feb 2011

Through coaching I've realized my entire life was looking for approval and acceptance rather it was consciously done. Always seeking for permission to do anything and being afraid of doing something that will upset others (afraid they they won't like me). I don't need to seek permission or acceptance by those I know. That feeling.. is... my freedom!
-K. Tam, Release Manager at Microsoft, Redmond WA, Nov 2010