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4 module Workshop

Career Vision : Drive for Growth, Purpose and Joy

Do you work in a fast-paced work place and find yourself always playing the catch-up game, struggling to manage and prioritize your to-dos? As a result have you lost sight of your purpose? Learn how to drive for growth, purpose and joy; keep in touch with your passion and improve your goal-setting skills. Techniques to stay focused, manage your time and energy and get internally motivated will be discussed. Class is a combination of lecture, group discussion and self work.

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Target Audience: Mid-level professionals, who wants to have more growth, purpose and joy.

Benefits for a Participant
"Making my connection with my joy of teaching and collaborating. I see a path and no obstacles in my way just stay the course and keep what really matters most right in front of me. In all areas of my life I feel Purpose, Joy and Growth - Amazing! ". - Engineer at Boeing

- Discover your unique brand and align your work and the environment to your core values. Be internally motivated and authentic.
- Be mindful to your perspective to everyday challenges. Shift from problem focus to outcome focus. Take the ownership and be creative in challenging situations.

Benefits for the Employer/Manager
More Productivity - Employees are more purposeful in how and where they invest their time.
More Engagement -Employees are more aware of there values and strengths.
Less expensive - The group setting is more cost effective compared to individual coaching 

Schedule  Bellevue college Spring class starts on May 28. Register Now . Want it at your workplace? Please contact me for details.

Client Testimonial

NEW! Participants from Corporate Workshops, Fall 2013

 Average rating : 4.5 out of 5

   - "I found the course challenged me appropriately to accept a different mindset related to my motivation to participate in activities. I also appreciated the open discussions we were able to share between the classmates and instructor. Finally, the instructor was very enthusiastic and excited to teach the course, which always kept me engaged and excited to come to class."
   - "A wonderful class that Challenged many things, made me stumble, and guided me to a better vision and a greater joy!"
   -"The information provided by the instructor was very beneficial and the interactive format of the class provided a heplful learning environment"

Microsoft STB participants, Oct 2012

   - "Core value exercise was useful to get in touch with my inner self. I am now more prepared to honor those values in my day to day life. Sharmin's class gave me a tool to find out what I really want!"
   - "This class helped me think about why I do the things I do."
   -"Liked the idea of looking further into the future instead of just reacting to the current situation"
   -"It taught me to give myself permission to do things even it is just for myself. When I take care of myself I am better prepared to serve others".
   -"Sharmin helped me find some ideas how to be in better control even in the most challenging parenting moments"

Bellevue College Class Participants

Average rating is 4.5 out of 5 (agree and strongly agree)

   -"A refreshing way of looking at life and work. Positive changes to impact health, work and life in general."
   -"I am feeling much happier after taking this class. I have learned to let go of my reaction to difficult situations and can move on."
   -"I have some tools to be in control in challenging moments. I am feeling hopeful and empowered."
   -"Your class has been an immense help. I am taking away from your class several questions for myself, not in a punitive, critical manner, but from a more compassionate place. The exercise on values brought awareness to my semi-rudderless path in life."

Virtual Class Participants

“I have learned to keep track of how I feel while performing different activities and roles. Now I clearly understand which activities and roles give me more pleasure, satisfaction and happiness than others. This is helping me to become more self-aware."
- K. N. Software Engineer at Microsoft, March 2012

"This class provided some practical tools to improve relationships at work or home. I also learned that I can take baby steps to change some of my stubborn habits."
- M. L. Software Engineer at Microsoft, March 2012

FAQ: Is this class for me?

If you like group learning environment and want to learn a few concepts and mostly practice independently then this would be a good fit for you. All you need to do is make sure you can make time for the scheduled classes and be open to participate in group discussions.

If making time is challenging and you like to spend the time just for your own learning in a customized fashion then 1:1 coaching would be a better fit for you. See my different services in the My services page.

Please feel free to email me ( with questions or to setup a time to talk before you decide.