Green Leaf
Career & Leadership Coaching

Growth | Purpose | Joy

No more auto pilot, Drive for Growth, Purpose and Joy!
  Create your career vision and make progress towards it
  Stay focused on what’s important to YOU in this world full of choices
  Become internally motivated and create bottom line impact
  Find everyday joy

The secret is, the answer is there inside you! All I do is help you find it for yourself. I have the practical experience from the hardcore corporate world, personal experience as a mother and the know hows' from the latest findings in neuroscience and positive psychology.

My coaching philosophy : Vision Focus, Passion Alignment, Goal Setting, Human Maturity.
By partnering with me you can create and achieve your vision much sooner with more Joy and confidence.

I do individual coaching, seminars and workshops online or onsite.

Individual Coaching Work with me individually to have a fully customized session based on your need and want. Includes a detailed planning session followed by three monthly 45-min calls. Flexibilty to do month to month. Schedule a free information session before you decide. Sessions are done over phone/skype or face to face.

   Test Drive
Learn about what coaching can do for you, bring a real issue, try a sample session. 45 min (Free).

Inventory/Planning session, Core values exercise + 3 regular sessions.
Possible results: Explore your passion (awareness), Set tangible goals

4 sessions | $550 total

    Visible Impact (recommended)
Inventory/Planning session, Core values exercise + 3 regular sessions per month + reading materials + in between emails

Possible results: Explore and Enjoy your passion (awareness, application), Set tangible goals.

Make visible progress in one or more areas:
Performance improvement| Job/Career change | Starting/Completing a personal project | Improving work-life integration

Month to Month, min 3 months | $450 per month ($50 off when you sign up for 3 months)

   One off thing
Having hard time making a decision? Bring the topic, get clarity and design short term actions.
one session, 55 min | $180 (Buy 3 for for $400, one time only)

Ask for graduate students rates.

Workshops I offer a 4-module workshop, Career Vision: Drive for Growth, Purpose and Joy. If you have a group I can come teach on-site. If you are an individual you can enroll in my virtual class or in Bellevue College. See details and register here for upcoming sessions.

Free Seminar I deliver my signature seminar "Stop Living in Auto pilot Drive a life of Fun and Purpose" both online and on-site.

Difference among the Services
    One time seminar is like a book or a YouTube video, you will get to know about some tools to address your issues. You will be able to start using those tools by yourself.
    4-module group class gives you hands on training on these tools. You get to learn with a group and sometimes learn from other's experiences. You get some support for tracking and accountability.
    Individual coaching is fully customized for your needs and wants. You decide what schedule works for you and what topic is the most relevant for you. The discussion is around your current issues rather than those tools I teach. You get my full support for tracking and accountability.

If you want to find out what suits you best, please feel free to contact me.

Contact me to find out more or to try out a free session. See Client testimonials to see what my clients have said about me.