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Hello :)! My name is Sharmin Banu, I  am a Career and Leadership Coach. I live in Seattle WA with my husband and our daughter.
Prior to coaching I have worked as a Software Engineer for 12+ years including eight years at Microsoft where I management a team of Engineers. I left my job in 2009 to become a coach. For few years before making the shift, I had been having this constant inquiry within myself- what do I enjoy doing with my life?

I enjoy deep conversation, I make myself available to listen to my friends and co-workers, I found it rewarding to help grow the people in my team, I truly enjoyed writing inspiring articles. So when I finally listened to the calling of my heart, Coaching was an obvious choice. It was not easy - It took me quite a long time to find out and decide (read How I decided on Career Change).

What Makes me Unique
I have walked in the shoes of high tech professionals. I know how hard it is to feel a sense of satisfaction. We are haunted by the guilt feeling that we are not giving enough to our work or to the family! That's where my service comes into picture. If you are tired of the way life is and are ready to take a step about it, I can help!


I have a 12-year of hi-tech experience, leadership in several non-profit organizations, a rich eastern cultural background and an intensive coach training
Certified Professional Coach | Team & leadership Coaching | Power of TED for Practitioners | Strengths Focused Coaching | Leadership Embodiement | EQ Smarts | 2013 Career Coach of the Year Nominee |BS and MS in Computer Science
See details in my resume.

Coaching Philosophy
My mission is to empower my clients to find their own answers, encouraging and supporting them to live a life aligned to their own essence.
Self-awareness and the ability to “Search within us” are key to sustainable excellence. Without this foundation all other “how-to” training bear very little long term value. My coaching and workshops focuses in this area. I am passionate about tapping into one's intrinsic motivation leading to deeper engagement essential for  thriving in today’s world.
My Clients are typically high-tech professionals at the mid-level in their career... wanting to have more growth, purpose and joy.