Work-life balance in my own backyard

Among so many articles about work life balance, this one in HBR, the Imperfect balance between work and life caught my attention today.

The main idea is
1. Pick few things that really need your focus
2. Delegate or let go others, and
3. Most importantly, embrace imperfection.

The author found that one major hurdle for achieving work life balance is artificial images of perfection. She also points to the fact that, sometimes what is assumed to constitute perfection can be counter-productive. For example, keeping babies always in a sterile environment would make them less adaptable to the real world or delaying a product release would risk losing the market timing or valuable customer feedback.

My barren backyardThe article came very handy for me as my visiting parents have been asking why I don’t do any gardening in my big barren backyard!

Further reading: Read the full HBR article here. You may also find this book, Forget Perfect useful in this context.
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