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    Using Linked In for New Articles

    Hello, I have been writing on Linked in these days. Follow or Connect with me on Linked In, Twitter or on Facebook. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharminbanu/ https://www.facebook.com/GreenLeafCoaching/ https://twitter.com/sharminbanu Hope you continue to enjoy my articles!   Tweet

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    Don’t Focus on the Problem – Focus on your Ultimate Vision

    Last year, an engineer, let me call him Tom, came to me. He looked very tired and unhappy. “Sharmin, I am working long days, late nights, still my manager wants me to do more, have more impact, show more leadership…where is the time…why can’t he see my contribution already! With changes going around all the time it is so hard to get anything done on time. I even wanted to change this job, but in this economy it is so hard to get an interview even!” – Tom gave me a quite a vivid picture of his life. I felt compassionate for him. Not too long ago I experienced this…

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    Why Do I Do It? 3 Steps to Clarify Your Commitments

    Common wisdom goes as, we do paid work for money and volunteer work to fulfill other needs. Whatever we do, paid or volunteer work requires some commitment from our part. Sometimes we get so much fun that it doesn’t feel that way, but there are times we need to renew our vows – why am I doing it again?  It is more productive and rewarding when we have some clarity for it.  Here are three ways to get there. 1.     What does it give me  – Alignment with my longer term goal How this particular involvement aligns with your bigger purpose? For example, your three year goal is to become an event…

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    Procrastination – How to Manage this Common Vice

    [Summary: Don’t get too hard on yourself- find the root cause and handle it in a smarter way.] If you are reading this you might be like many of us who suffer from procrastination. But don’t stop there – this is just the tip of the iceberg, the symptom of something bigger underneath. Pay attention and address the root cause. For my case I procrastinate for different reasons. For example, when the task: Needs deep attention (e.g. creative thinking) Is hard – something I am not naturally good at (e.g. accounting). Is boring (organizing, paper work, chores) My strategy depends on the reason for the procrastination. For the high energy…

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    Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How to Make it Work

    Found this scary stat, almost half of the American’s make a New Year’s resolution but only 8% are successful in achieving it! Also every year, the most popular resolutions are: staying fit, work-life balance and personal enrichment. All these are great resolutions to improve one’s quality of life. So where is the problem? Why the success rate is so low and what can you do to beat that? This fall, one of the participants in my class set his goal as: to reduce his weight by going to the gym every day. The key to set achievable goals is to align it with one’s true essence. In order to help him do that…

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    Ready or not the New Year is coming – Will your resolution be a small talk again?

    In January the common topic of the office kitchen conversation is the New Year’s resolution. Until recently I never actually did much of a planning for the year, so  when asked I made up something. My standard answer was “be more organized”, which hardly happened!  I was not lying though, I really felt I needed to have better control on my life, but honestly I didn’t know how to do it.  So I forgot about it even before I finished that cup of coffee I brought from the kitchen. After becoming an entrepreneur the idea of resolution made more sense to me. Unless I have a vision for myself I don’t know…

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    Decisions, Decisions | How I planned and survived my family vacation

    “How can we make good decisions when there is not enough data”? During my seminar few weeks back, I got this question from a gentleman in the audience. As someone giving the seminar I guess I was supposed to be an “expert” on this! Alas, I could not act as the know-all expert, inspired by Brene Brown, I chose to be a human instead – showed them how sub-optimal my own decision making process is!  I told them this story. My parents are visiting me; this is their first time in the US so I wanted to show them some landmark. On the same token I thought that if my…

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    The Myth of Multitasking

    Too many times I hear that you can’t survive without multitasking. Checking emails during a meeting, responding to a door knock while trying focus on your work seem to be a common scenario at the workplace. While many times it pays off to be able to take care of multiple things at once, it would be useful to take a look at our brain to see when it is NOT the best strategy. Any kind of task that needs a little amount of analyzing or decision making is processed in the Pre-frontal cortex (PFC) of the brain. The PFC is very small and very much energy hungry part that sits…

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    How are you setting your goals, Inside-out or Outside-in?

    Last week I was describing the concept of “Living from inside-out” to my class participants in a high tech company. The example I gave – If you target to become a VP of a company that is an “outside-in” way of seeing your goal. The “inside-out” approach could be – I want to innovate, drive a product (what kind?) that I care (fill in in here with why you care…) and I am willing to take risks, sacrifice my comfort to make it a success (define it using your values). Basically you are defining your intention qualitatively; you are not attached to a certain form of it. There is a…

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    Happiness theory and my Exercise routine

    The other day at the end of my class, people got quite hyped up to make time to do something for themselves. Few of them made a commitment to start going to the gym. Sounded like a great idea! But experience tells me that, by the  next class more than half will report that they didn’t have time or the motivation. So what would help to be more successful? I found this answer for myself and surprisingly enough that aligns with happiness theory! Find an activity(exercise or something else) that You enjoy; the reward is instantaneous as well as comes with a long term positive impact. Is a small stretch for you…