Individual Coaching

Private Clients

I have listed a few assessment and coaching packages to choose from. The price applies to private clients only.

    1. Strength Assessment Coaching

It will give you a detailed report of your default behavioral patterns. It will also guide you to grow further to improve your impact. The result could be: Understanding your and others’ motivation and a more constructive way of leveraging your and your team members’ strengths. Total 2.5 hrs spread over two sessions.

About the assessment | Sample report

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     2. EQ Assessment Coaching 

It will give you a detailed profile of how your inner operating system works, allowing you to optimize yourself further. For example, the result could be tackling workplace drama gracefully without getting all worked up. Total three hours spread over two sessions.

About the assessment and sample report

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3. Three Month Coaching With Assessment

Includes the EQ Assessment, Goal setting, and Implementation coaching sessions. Total 8 hrs, spread over three months. Sessions are typically held 2x a month and scheduled based on your convenience.

Investment $2400 | Schedule a 30-min chemistry call.

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Want to get a 360-assessment and a bundle of 3-6 months of coaching packages, or have other questions? Simply ask. All these packages are for private (non-corporate sponsored) clients.


Employee Sponsored Executive Coaching

My successful clients are value-driven and ready to dive deep and experiment. The executive coaching process is customized according to the client’s needs and styles. The duration of a coaching engagement may vary anywhere from three to nine months. Below is a breakdown of a typical six-month engagement.

A Typical Six month Executive Coaching Engagement

1. Discovery/Goal Setting (3-5 sessions)
– A detailed intake process to identify your aspirations and core values.
– EQ assessments and additional ones to help you understand your internal operating system.
– Review any existing feedback from your Manager or peers.
– 360 assessment (if needed/desired)
– Finalize goals and action plans
– Alignment meeting with the Manager (for corporate-sponsored clients only)

2. Implementation (~10 sessions )
– Coaching on the specific challenges, on-the-spot feedback, and relevant tips
– Follow-up actions in between sessions, email/text support, if needed.
– Accountability process, session update forms to make sustainable progress towards your goals.
– Resources, articles, books suggestions

3. Midpoint Check-in 
– Check-in with the Manager (for corporate-sponsored clients only)

4. Wrap up (2-3 sessions)

– Post-coaching plan
– Accountability structure
– Post coaching Quarterly check-in (An email exchange or a 30-min call)