Coaching packages

What a year we are just passed! The pandemic, the forest fire, the social movements, the US election, work from home with no childcare, we had it all. Many of us got sick, lost our loved ones, and experienced loss otherways. I hope you are cutting yourself some slack that you survived this challenging year.

You already have a high IQ; it brought you where you are today. To be a leader, your EQ matters more than your IQ. EQ is the ability to manage relationships with other people – it results in better influencing your audience, manage up, down, and sidewise. My clients have been enjoying greater influence, increased productivity, reduced stress, and better work-life balance. I have listed a few assessment and coaching packages for you to choose from. The price is applicable to new clients only.

1. Strength Assessment and Debrief Coaching (90 min, two sessions) – $399

About the assessment

Sample report


2. EQ Assessment and Debrief Coaching (total 2 hrs, two sessions) – $515

About the assessment and sample report


3. EQ Assessment + Debrief + 7 sessions- (total 9 hrs, speards over 2-2.5 mo)- $2050

Want to get a bundle of 3-6 months of coaching sessions or have other questions? Simply ask. All these packages are for private (non-corporate sponsored)¬†clients. If your employer sponsors coaching, let’s talk.