• Living from inside out
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    How are you setting your goals, Inside-out or Outside-in?

    Last week I was describing the concept of “Living from inside-out” to my class participants in a high tech company. The example I gave – If you target to become a VP of a company that is an “outside-in” way of seeing your goal. The “inside-out” approach could be – I want to innovate, drive a product (what kind?) that I care (fill in here with why you care…) and I am willing to take risks, sacrifice my comfort to make it a success (define it using your values). Basically you are defining your intention qualitatively; you are not attached to a certain form of it. There is a good…

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    Are you living from outside-in?

    “In all of my experience, I’ve never seen lasting solutions to problems, lasting happiness and success that came from the outside in.” —Stephen Covey, Author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“ Attempting to live from the outside is similar to following the wish of others instead of trusting the answers from within you. If you are consistently accommodating yourself to do what others want or expect, you are living from the outside in. Living life from the outside-in takes more effort and energy because it calls for being someone you’re not. Change from the inside-out is more energizing and fun. You begin to experience more ease. As you…