Are you a high-performing, mid to senior-level leader in tech? Do you want to make a meaningful impact and enjoy the journey while you grow?

I have walked in your shoes! Since 2009 I have coached leaders like you in fortune 500 companies and startups to achieve sustainable excellence through growth, purpose, and joy.

Here are some scenarios when people come to me for coaching:

“I have a hard time expressing my opinion confidently in front of senior leaders.
“I have been asked to show more executive presence.”
“I think very fast; others can’t keep up. I get frustrated with them.”
“I end up doing most of the work for my team. I am exhausted.”
“I need to be more strategic (vs tactical).”
“I wish I had more time during the day to do everything up to my satisfaction.”
“I no longer enjoy my current role. I don’t know what else I can do. I am in a big dilemma.”

As an outcome of our work together, these clients received recognition, job promotion, a more significant responsibility, and more balance and fulfillment.

Schedule a no-obligation chemistry call today. Get started on your journey of growth, purpose, and joy! There is no magic – you and I co-create the process for you. It is that simple!

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Clients » What Others Are Saying?

“You helped my inner being realize its full potential.”
She now feels happier, more confident, and more connected to her team.

Vice President of Engineering

Sharmin helped me see my blind spots and helped me grow as a leader in ways that I never imagined. Instead of running me through a canned curriculum, it helped me discover the best path to learn and grow. As a result, I developed habits that will make me a better professional leader and a better and more fulfilled person.

Vice President of Engineering
A Seattle based Startup

I sincerely appreciate Sharmin for how she guided me as my executive coach. She helped fine-tune my communication style according to the situation, including building my team and making critical presentations in front of a large audience. Coaching with her made a profound impact on my professional development. Sharmin Banu is incredibly talented in finding the root cause of the client’s challenges, yet she is a humble, passionate executive coach and a true leader.