Brainstorming Photo by MING Labs on Unsplash

Brainstorming? Focus On 10% Right

As engineers and tech professionals, we are rewarded for our analytical skills in finding code defects and design issues early on. Often we keep on applying this same trait with ...
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A Resting Dog - Image by Pitsch from Pixabay

Want To Be Productive? Start With Doing Nothing (Guest post)

"I am busy all day, trying to complete my to-do list before calling it a day. Yet, some things always remain undone, and, worse still, new things pop up. I ...
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Reactivity To Thoughtfulness – A Corporate Leader’s Journey

"He doesn’t work well with others.” “He has issues dealing with bad news.” “He is a star performer, but he is lacking executive presence.”  These are some of the typical ...
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“Why Does It Bother Me?” Why We React So Much By Other’s Opinions

It was the Spring of 2011, I was volunteering as a treasurer for a non-profit organization. My motivation was to hone my accounting skills while expanding my network. It was going ...
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A cat is being pampered- Photo by Yerlin Matu on Unsplash

What Gets in the Way of Guilt Free Self-Care?

“Finish your homework before you play “ - Our parents’ well-meaning advice worked well in our early days, but as adults, it is backfiring. These days, most of our work ...
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The Myth of Multitasking

Too many times, I hear that you can’t survive without multitasking. Checking emails during a meeting, responding to a door knock while trying to focus on your work seems to ...
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Q&A w/ Sharmin

The Story Behind “Q&A With Sharmin” Series

I was answering the audience questions during a recent speaking engagement when the host said, "pay attention, Sharmin is coaching.” Even though I was pleasantly surprised that he saw it ...
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Struggling with Time Management? Look into the Root Causes

Time management is one of the topmost challenges for almost every functional human being. When my clients come with this question, I tell them that time is a fixed resource ...
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Children, foster greater understanding

Conversations To Foster Greater Understanding

Recently this post by organizational psychologists at Wharton, Adam Grant, went viral on LinkedIn. He said: The clearest sign of intellectual chemistry isn't agreeing with someone. It's enjoying your disagreements with ...
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Managing up/Self-promotion : What To Do About It

In my recent survey, an amazing 79% of people said that Managing-up/Self-promotion is the most challenging aspect of their work. I didn't expect it at all! I then started thinking about it ...
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Image by alan9187 from Pixabay

Know your Strengths, Capitalize on Them

Too often, we send employees to training to fix the areas of weaknesses. We expect people to be well-rounded to be successful. The fact is, excellent performers, are rarely “well rounded”; ...
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A Cat Image by Heinz Hummel from Pixabay

Are You Sabotaged By Your Inner Hyper-Achiever?

A high-tech leader, let’s call him Jason, said, “I can’t relax; I always have to do something useful. Nobody makes me do so; it’s me. This is how I am” ...
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Tearing elephant By ArtTower on Pixabay

Use Emotions As Your Ally

Do anxiety, outrage, frustration, or sadness often grip you? Do they get in the way in high stake situations? Do you wonder why you are not getting what you want? ...
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Courage From Within – Conviction And Trust Can Help

Growing up, I didn’t think I was very courageous. One day I saw this quote saying: Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting despite -- because something ...
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Time Is Fixed But Energy Is Not

“There’s not enough time.” “Time is running out.” “I wish I had more time.” These are some complaints we hear frequently. High-performing, high-achieving professionals often ask for time-management strategies. After ...
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What A Car Can Teach Us About A Successful Career

I was talking to Andrea, a leader in a big corporate here in the Seattle area. Brilliant and hardworking she was; her resume spoke for itself. As a senior director ...
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Organization Politics – How We See It Can Change the Meaning

“I really like doing my job, but I hate politics. When I ask others, everyone says the same thing; they hate politics. If no one likes it, then who creates ...
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Video call Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Beat Your Zoom Fatigue With These Three Tips

A few weeks ago, I had a headache almost every time I was in a Zoom video call. This phenomenon has become a common issue these days as so many ...
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My DYI Project – A Video Introduction

Last year, when everything went virtual, I had to create videos for a couple of online events. It allowed me to hone my video shooting and editing skills. Recently, we ...
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A Woman -Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Job Searching for a Career Path Change? Act Like a Farmer

A job change is usually a daunting task. It becomes even more challenging when it involves a discipline, industry, or a role change. People often see it as continuously submitting ...
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The author on a spring afternoon in Seattle

What life stage are you in – Survival, Success or Significance?

Watching Joe Biden's inauguration, I have been feeling highly spirited all day today. This topic I found from Pastor Rick Warren at the Oprah show, seemed appropriate for this week's post ...
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Image courtesy

Having A Hard Time Getting Your Voice Heard In Meetings?

Tim is an engineering leader at a hi-tech company in Seattle. He is very good at his trade, has a profound understanding of the technology stack, and has decent ideas ...
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Meeting : Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Challenge Responding To Senior Leaders During Meetings? Quality Listening Is Key

Two Leaders, Similar Challenge Tory, a senior director was in charge of a critical customer-facing component of the business. During big meetings, he had to answer the senior leaders about ...
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New Year Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Feeling Anxious Setting Goals for The Year? Try These 3 Techniques

The common “water cooler” conversation around this time of the year is the New Year’s resolution. My standard answer used to be “be more organized," which hardly happened!  I was ...
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New Year - Mohammad Hossain Pixabay

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How to Make it Work

Almost half of the Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but fewer than 10% successfully achieve them(source)! The most popular resolutions are staying fit, work-life balance, and personal enrichment. All these ...
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The False Dichotomy Between Success and Failure – They Are Not Opposite of Each Other

"Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm". Author and Harvard professor Sarah Lewis mentioned this famous Churchill quote in her book The Rise: Creativity, the ...
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Country Road

This Holiday Build Resilience Through Family Stories and Connections

It is the holiday season. Despite everything that is going, I smell it in the air. Holidays are all about connecting with those near and dear ones, share traditions through ...
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What Intrinsically Motivates Us (Hint: It’s not money)

David, a tech leader and a father of two, was in a big dilemma about a job offer. The money was higher than what he was making in his current ...
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Flat tire- Image courtesy

How is Your Emotional Tire Pressure?

“I am just busy,” “I could use a nap,” “I am so tired.” Does any of these sound familiar to you? If yes, you belong to a very large group ...
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Powerful Questions Image

Empower Your Teams With 4 Coaching Questions

Six-skills are in demand in the post-pandemic workplaces, said Gwen Moran in her fast company article. Five of those six, self-direction, adaptability, empathy, communication skills, and motivational skills can be cultivated ...
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Forest tree roots Image by Allan Joyner from Pixabay

Cultivate Resilience For Challenging Times : 3C Model

Today (Nov 4, 2020), Americans are anxiously watching TV, browsing the news sites, and social media feeds, following the result of this historic election. A few days ago, The American ...
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Compelling vision - Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

The Fuel of a Good Goal Is a Compelling Vision: 4 Ways to Craft

All of us are familiar with setting goals and achieving them. Goals are our vehicle to success. But often, we have a hard time making headways in our goals. The ...
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Goats fighting: Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Are Disagreements Hard For You? EQ Analysis Can Help

A very passionate, competent, and committed gentleman, Nathan was a Product leader at a medium-size cutting edge tech company. Disagreements, differences in opinions, were a regular part of his job, ...
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Setback - Image by Fábio Luciano Sorg from Pixabay

Overcome Setbacks Using 3A’s : Acknowledge, Analyze and Act

Theresa has been feeling very down the last few days. Her manager informed her that she didn’t get the promotion this time. He was quite compassionate while giving her the ...
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Reconnect With Self – A Leadership Lesson from CBS’s Madam Secretary

In an episode of CBS's Madam Secretary (Meaning of Life, May 13th, 2018), there is a side story where Russell Jackson was prescribed by his doctor to find a relaxing activity ...
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Are You a Mom, Thinking of Going Back to Work?

Rebecca was a 39-year-old woman and a mother of two (8 and 10). She had a college degree and a 10-year of corporate experience. Rebecca was happily married to her husband ...
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What Makes Seahawks’ Pete Carroll A Great Leader

The Seahawks began the 2020 season with a good all-around showing in a 38-25 win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday (source). Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the more recent ...
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A Happiness Model For the Graph Lovers

Have you ever wondered if there is a mathematical representation of Happiness? The answer is Yes! Tal Ben-Shahar, a renowned researcher in positive psychology and a popular lecturer at Harvard, ...
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Two People Talking Over Coffee

Why Hire a Coach When There Are So Many Books, Podcasts?

It will be almost impossible to find someone who hasn't read a self-help book, listened to a podcast, watched a TED talk, or any other YouTube videos that tell you ...
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Applying Software Engineering Concepts in Coaching

Applying Software Engineering Concepts in Professional Growth

Many of you know that before coaching, I was a software professional, and I studied computer science in college. A common perception is that coaching is the opposite of software ...
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