I offer corporate workshops and group classes. Here are some of the popular ones. If any of these interests you, please contact me, and I will work with you to customize them for your group.

Enhance Leadership Team Effectiveness

This group workshop aims to accelerate understanding, trust, and effective working relationships among the team members.

At the end of this session, participants will:

  • Learn about their character strengths and receive suggestions to help them grow towards more balance and effectiveness as leaders.
  • Generate insights through group exercises to learn the patterns for how the team naturally operates and how they can shift in times of challenge.
  • Develop commitment and action plans to enhance their effectiveness as a team.

To learn more, read this article, What Causes Conflicts In Teams.

Create Sustainable Success by Cultivating Resilience

Since the pandemic, we have been in a testing time for our individual and collective resilience.
With little notice, we had to make a drastic shift in the way we lived and worked. Yet, some
handled it more graciously than others – their resilience played a significant role. Unfortunately, we
often mistakenly think that some people have it. The good news is that we all can cultivate
and build stronger resilience muscles. It prepares us to handle life’s challenges gracefully
and continue to stay productive. In this workshop, participants will,

  • Recognize: Signs of burnout.
  • Learn: Sources of resilience – 3C (Care, Connect, and Create) model.
  • Generate: Resilience-building rituals
  • Commit: to Implement

To learn more, read the article, Cultivate Resilience For Challenging Times: 3C Model.

Career Vision: Drive for Growth, Purpose, and Joy

Are you a leader in tech, a high-performing individual, in the mid-stage of your career? Do you have too many things to do but not have a meaningful, fulfilling impact? As a result, you might struggle to manage conflicting priorities, increased responsibilities, and diminishing zest. This phenomenon is called languishing. I also experienced languishing during my career and wished I had a coach to accelerate the journey back to joy. But, instead, I learned it in a harder way.
This workshop will help you connect with your internal motivation, increase engagement and impact, live with more zest, and find your edge again!

It is a 4-part experiential workshop for mid-career leaders and individual contributors in tech, STEM, and any high-paced work culture to sustain and accelerate their innate excellence.

  • Identify your unique brand and align your actions for increased impact.
  • Shift to an outcome focus and remain creative in challenging situations.
  • Stay focused on what’s important to you and make a meaningful impact (or key results) with limited time.
  • Design a career vision aligned with your signature strengths.

Handle Conflicts with Wisdom and Grace

Many of us are afraid of conflicts and avoid them at any cost. When we are forced to engage, we handle it poorly. What if you had a step-by-step process to manage your conflict reaction, ground yourself, and act from your grounded self? In this workshop, you will learn the following:

  • Enhance our understanding of a conflict
  • Mitigate the fear reaction
  • Show up gracefully
  • Find mutually beneficial ways to move forward

Coaching Skill As A Leadership Tool

Six skills are in demand in post-pandemic workplaces. Five of those six, self-direction, adaptability, empathy, communication, and motivational skills, can be cultivated through coaching. Leading organizations are staying ahead by investing in coaching skills for their leaders. It will be a strategic advantage when the leaders can use coach-like conversation to empower their people. I use a four-question model to help leaders adopt a coach-like approach to lead and grow their teams. You will learn the following:

  • The anatomy of a coaching session
  • Four different coaching questions
  • Four qualities to adopt as a coach

To learn more, read this article, Empower Your Teams With 4 Coaching Questions.

Please contact me to bring any of these workshops for your group.