When I met Sharmin, I was grieving the loss of my old project and overwhelmed with the scope of the new project I inherited – one that I had no passion for, but felt an obligation to my employees and team to help transition into the team. I knew I needed a change, but had trepidation about how to even begin the process of finding a job outside of my organization or company. I wanted a quick fix – a pep talk to motivate me to get over my fears and get a better job as soon as possible. Sharmin made me look my career and life at a higher level. She challenged me to explore and identify my values. Once I had mapped out exactly what my core values were, in both my life and my career, she helped me identify the instances in my career where I was truly living my core values, when I was truly being my authentic self, and when and where I had a true sense of fulfillment and happiness. Her holistic approach to coaching opened my eyes. Through these new lenses of my values and my higher self, I gained clarity about the type of job, and the type of people, I really wanted to work with to achieve true happiness. Since we began our sessions, I’ve had profound changes internally and externally: I was promoted; I gave up the role of manager which I found unfulfilling, and refocused on my role as a software engineer; I left my old team and found a new organization where I feel my values and those of my management and peers are closely aligned; and I’ve become closer to my family and my loved ones.