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The Myth Of A “Perfect Day”

There are not many days like this. Yesterday it seemed like an out of the ordinary perfect day for me.

Client #1 made significant progress in an area he was stuck for more than a decade, Client #2 got that final word on the well-deserved promotion, Client #3, while finishing up her project said she wanted to work with me for another project. By the end of the day when I arrived at the dentist’s office for regular cleaning. I jokingly said, “I am having such a good day, hope it continues”. She didn’t disappoint. After the exams, she said, “all looks good, keep doing what you have been doing to take care of your teeth and gums”.

Later that evening I was telling a friend, “I wish I could frame this day”! She said, “It seems like it was a harvesting day for you. These past few months you have been working towards this. It is a coincidence that today you got to see the results altogether.”

Indeed! It is the harvesting day we mistakenly take as the rare “perfect day”. It would be realistic to shift that a bit. All those processes, the endurance, those flossing before bedtime, contributed to this harvesting day!

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