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My Podcast Interview: Resilience Inside and Out

Earlier this month, a fellow leadership coach, Nina Simonds invited me to her podcast, Let’s Get Real. Nina started this series in 2020 because, as she wrote,

“I love having REAL conversations with people who inspire me. In my 20+ years as a leadership and relationship coach, I experience the most flow when I am learning in a community with others. Let’s Get Real is a place where my guests and I explore personal experiences that have been catalysts for our own growth. We also explore and share some of the tools that help us see others more fully and give us the confidence to lead and love well.”

In the interview, we talked about my journey from a tech leader to an executive coach, my leadership at the International Coaching Federation, WA State, and Braver Angels, a grassroots organization to bridge the partisan divide in America.

In this 45 minutes show, we navigated the topics very organically; here are the timestamps:

5:19: Sharmin’s Pivot from Tech Leader to Coach
9:16: Nina shares about her own Unconscious Bias
12:48: Sharmin’s Path to Success
15:40: Commitment to Herself
20:55: Walking the Talk
24:34: What Liberals Fear Most
25:43: How to Talk to Someone with an Opposite Viewpoint
26:04: It Starts with Family
28:50: Putting it into Practice
30:50: Question to Ask
33:10: Moving beyond Defensiveness
35:00: Self Management
36:20: A Personal Story of Connection

It is available on various platforms, including Apple podcast and Spotify. You will find them in the link below.

Sharmin's interview

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