Are you a leader in the High-tech, a High Performing individual and in the middle stage of your career?

Do you have too many things to do? Want to get in touch with your passion, a boost in your Career and have more joy?

I have walked in your shoes! I have been a Software Engineer and a manager. I know the challenges in the high paced corporate culture and having a work-life balance.

Here are some scenarios when people come to me for coaching:

  • “I have been doing well in my life. I worked hard and succeeded. But now I have slowed down, my hard work is not giving me the results as expected. I am putting more hours into my work still it doesn’t seem good enough. I hardly have time for my family or for myself. I don’t know what else I need to do. I wish I had more time during the day to do everything up to my satisfaction.”
  • “I have been asked to show more leadership. I sometimes have a hard time expressing my opinion positively during a meeting, especially to those senior in ranks. This is hurting my career growth.”
  • “My team is not performing well. I end up doing most of the work. I am exhausted.”
  • “I no longer like my current job or profession. I don’t know what else I can do. If I leave my job I will get too bored. I am to make some decisions but I am in a big dilemma.”

Partner with me,  design and achieve your vision and enjoy the journey. There is no magic – you and I co-create the process for you. It is that simple!Follow via FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn for most recent updates.

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Clients » What Others Are Saying?

The past six months working with Sharmin has been an eye-opener for me, as I have found my inner self and learned about what I feel internally can impact others around me. This has translated directly towards my professional life and how I conduct myself at work. My manager has told me on several occasions now about the positive changes she is observing. I have been more thoughtful in my approach while making sure I am doing the right by the organization. Read More…

Senior Manager

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Vice President

Sharmin is an excellent executive coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking to engage in leadership development. She helped me discover my career intention, which resulted in an accelerated path to a leadership role over a five-month period. Her coaching methodology is focused on professional and personal development, which is key to be an effective leader in today’s business climate. Read More…

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