Are you a leader in the High-tech, a High Performing individual and in the mid to senior stage of your career?

Do you have too many things to do? Do you want to make a meaningful impact, grow in your career and have more joy?

I have walked in your shoes! I have been a Software Engineer and manager. I know the challenges in the high paced corporate culture and having a work-life balance.

Here are some scenarios when people come to me for coaching:

“I have been asked to show more leadership. I sometimes have a hard time expressing my opinion positively during a meeting, especially to those seniors in the ranks. This is hurting my career growth.”

“My team is not performing well. I end up doing most of the work. I am exhausted.”

“I have been doing well in my life. I worked hard and succeeded. But now I have slowed down, my hard work is not giving me the results as expected. I am putting more hours into my work still it doesn’t seem good enough. I hardly have time for my family or for myself. I don’t know what else I need to do. I wish I had more time during the day to do everything up to my satisfaction.”

“I no longer enjoy my current role. I don’t know what else I can do. If I leave my job I will get too bored. I am to make some decisions but I am in a big dilemma.”

Partner with me,  design and achieve your vision and enjoy the journey. There is no magic – you and I co-create the process for you. It is that simple! Follow via FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn for most recent updates.

Contact me and get a complimentary 30-min phone consultation!

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Clients » What Others Are Saying?

I immediately connected with Sharmin’s warm and engaging style. She asks insightful questions, helps you think through challenging personnel situations and become more aware of your responses to various situations -all oriented around what you’ve identified as your development gaps in pursuit of career goals. I have quickly seen progress through seemingly simple and thoughtful conversations and “practice” both in and out of coaching sessions. I absolutely recommend Sharmin for those looking to identify opportunities for career and personal growth.

Marketing Leader
Boston Scientific

Sharmin is an excellent coach and fully committed to helping you achieve your goals that start with first identifying “purpose”. She helped me discover my career intention. Her impact on people’s professional and personal lives is commendable. I highly recommend Sharmin if you are looking for leadership and executive coaching.

Founder and CEO

I feel fortunate that I chose Sharmin as my coach to help develop my coaching skills as a leader. I came out as a different person after finishing this program. My experience with coaching is so refreshingly different now. Sharmin created a place of trust and safety for me to try, explore and ultimately to learn and develop. I am now more natural and comfortable using coaching and I understand when to use coaching and when another tool is more appropriate. I would strongly recommend Sharmin to help you with your coaching journey – besides, she is a beautiful human being.

Enterprise Sales Director
Microsoft - Caribbean Region