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Navigating a New Boss? Trust the Leader in You

Susan has been a valued member of the company for quite some time. However, the arrival of a new boss has brought unexpected challenges. This leader, who is reserved and prefers pushing their agenda without much dialogue, has left Susan feeling as though she must prove herself once again. The weight of this challenge is draining, and Susan finds herself unsure if she has the energy to overcome yet another hurdle.

This scenario is all too familiar, a narrative I often encounter.

While leaders are responsible for fostering engagement and validation within their teams, it’s essential to remember that we also hold power and responsibility in improving relationships.

Susan’s sense of powerlessness was palpable, and she struggled to see how she could contribute to a positive outcome.

I guided her to take a moment to breathe deeply and release the sense of inadequacy that had crept in. Reminding her of her earned tenure through hard work and valuable contributions, I prompted her to consider how she would feel if faced with a new team of peers with similar tenure. “I would be very nervous,” she admitted. “How can you bring compassion to your boss, who is new to this role?” I asked.

With each breath, Susan visibly relaxed, her demeanor softening as a genuine smile graced her face. I emphasized that her role now was to create a welcoming environment for her new colleagues rather than viewing them as figures of power. Instead, she could see them as peers needing camaraderie and support.

It’s easy to forget our strengths and succumb to the authority of titles, relinquishing our power to others. While it would undoubtedly make Susan’s life easier if her boss acknowledged her contributions, I posed a different question: What internal voice can you strengthen that reaffirms your worth?

At this juncture, Susan had another insight. Her reliance on external validation from her boss was not sustainable. She needed to look inward and address the insecurities projected onto her boss’s behavior.

“So much learning!” Susan exclaimed with a nervous laugh. “But it feels liberating, though.”

By trusting in her worth and cultivating compassion for others, Susan found liberation from the pressures of seeking external validation. Her experience reminds us of the power of embracing our inner strength in the face of challenge.

Feature photo courtesy: TungArt7 at pixabay.com

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