What is Coaching

Most of my time as a coach is being spent educating people on the concept of Coaching. Every time I have a hard time explaining the difference between therapy and coaching. Recently I realized, it’s better to say “forget therapy for now”! This is how I want to say it:

You are a smart, well-functioning adult, mostly successful, and pretty much independent in your thoughts and actions. There are certain times you feel stuck, a little confused, or just need someone to talk to. Someone you could go to and bounce off your thoughts and ideas by, someone you could have as your wise sounding board. Someone you feel safe and being heard, someone who doesn’t judge you and rather supports you by asking well thought out questions to help you sort out your ideas (sometimes even half baked).    

Areas of coaching are pretty vast. Based on a global study last year, top areas for coaching are Self-esteem, Work-life balance, Career opportunities, Business management, Relationships, Work performance, and interpersonal skills. Like the world-class athletes hire a coach to improve and maintain their high performance, high achieving individuals go for personal coaches as they always thrive to achieve even further excellence in their lives.


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  • Madhumita

    Even i had the same confusion till i read the book "Discover your destiny with Monk who sold his Ferrari". A lot of people dont realise that such help exists 🙂

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