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TED finds the lost ring

I have been busy with this week’s webinar. The topic is from the Power of TED; Empowerment is all I have in my mind. I even empowered myself to be okay with taking a break from my weekly posts. But then I found this gift, call it the law of attraction or anything else!

Here it is:  When I was walking my daughter to school, I noticed she was holding the light-up ring in her hand (she bought it with her allowance money last week). I knew she misplaced it last night and had asked me about it. I got curious and asked her how she found it. She smiled wisely. “You know Mommy, this time I told my silly brain, I won’t let you take over and it stopped. And then I used my smarter brain to look for it and it was right there in my coat pocket”.  What a better example of empowerment can I think of!  I just had a proud parent moment and couldn’t help sharing it.

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