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My Interview with The International Voice

A few weeks back, Japnit Sethi from The International Voice, reached out to me to be a guest in his new show on YouTube. Japnit, a Computer Science graduate student at Virginia Tech (my alma mater), founded this with a mission to inspire the next generation of international leaders from all over the world who aspire to make their mark within the North American Tech Industry.

We talked about a wide range of topics, starting with how I got into tech, my early days in the US, Job interviews, learning from my career at Microsoft, and finally, my work as an executive coach with leaders in technology. Japnit did an excellent job of making it relevant and conversational. I didn’t have those questions ready or scripted so it may not be as entertaining to someone listening in a rush. There was this BBC Dad moment in the middle when my husband made an appearance despite my heads up and early warnings!

If you have 30 mins to kill, have a cup of tea or any of your favorite drinks, and see what part of it resonates with you.

Here’s the outline by Japnit:
0:00 – Introduction
1:13 – Sharmin’s early tech inclination
2:25 – Bangladesh’s culture
4:41 – Aspirations regarding higher studies in a foreign country
5:47 – First few months in America
8:34 – Dream companies & preparation
10:21 – Overcoming imposter syndrome
14:04 – Biggest accomplishment at Microsoft
16:23 – Overcoming failures during her tech career
18:41 – Common misconception as a fresh grad in a big tech company
20:05 – Story behind becoming an Executive Coach
24:52 – Suggestion for Managers immigrating to the US
28:40 – Can you prepare for an executive position
32:16 – Personal Motivation throughout her tech journey
34:36 – Ending notes

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