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Are You an Emerging Leader Seeking Next Level of Growth?

Are you an ambitious mid-career professional in tech, STEM, or any high-paced culture? Do you long to make a meaningful, fulfilling impact? Many, like you, sometimes wonder what else they must do to propel themselves to the next level.

Given that everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, we can’t scale ourselves just by working more hours. Our brain can’t stay productive like that anyway. So what can we do about it? Like the famous book title by Marshall Goldsmith, “What got you here won’t take you there,” there is something else that will prepare us for the next level of growth.

After coaching so many senior leaders, I realized that these common factors distinguish the excellent ones from others.

  • They are aware of their values and strengths, and they consciously apply them.
  • They shift from problem focus to outcome focus when facing challenging situations.
  • They balance between being goal-focused and being present in the current moment.
  • And finally, they regularly work on their growth and self-care.

However, only a few of us are fortunate to have managers, mentors, or role models to learn those. That’s why I created this program for you, Leaders’ Launchpad. It is a 4-part virtual workshop to help you launch your next-level leadership.

Here is a testimonial from a former participant:

The workshop sessions were very eye-opening! I received and learned more than I had expected. Sharmin introduced various practical problem-solving tools I have started practicing and have seen great results. Not only is it helping me in tackling the work where we are solving a very complex technical problem but is also helping me with my personal life. These days, I connect better with my family and friends by being a creator, a challenger, and a coach. I am absolutely grateful that Sharmin is doing the hard work of curating the relevant knowledge that benefits so many lives.

Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle Corporation, TX

I am offering it at a deep discount for the March cohort with a few attractive bonuses. Registration is open until March 18th or until the class is full.

Will you join us to propel your leadership journey? Join me for the Free Info Sessions to get a sneak peek of the workshop.

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