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Job Interview: Is Your Eagerness Hindering Your Presence?

Vinod, a director-level leader in Tech, had been searching for a job for some time without much success. Perplexed, he sought my advice to determine what else he could do.

When I inquired about his interview preparation routine, he mentioned reviewing his resume and portfolio to discuss his accomplishments. Knowing his strengths in this area from previous encounters, I probed further.

I asked Vinod what he looked for in a candidate when he hired someone for his team. He explained that he sought candidates with a strong track record and noted their attitude toward challenges during interviews. He emphasized the importance of understanding how candidates approached problems, even if they didn’t solve them on the spot.

At that moment, it clicked for Vinod. He realized that, during interviews, he was too focused on showcasing himself, hoping to impress the interviewer. I affirmed his realization, highlighting the hiring manager’s desire for someone who comprehends their challenges and can contribute to solutions.

“What would help you show up that way?” I asked Vinod. Before the interview, he suggested incorporating light stretching and breathing meditation to elevate his presence. He committed to showing up present and of service.

I challenged further, “What else will help you manage your inner desire to receive a job offer?”

Reflecting on his spiritual training, Vinod mentioned “Nishkam Karma (Hindi)” — focusing on the present task without being attached to the future outcome. He resolved to apply this mindset to regulate his attachments.

Within a month, Vinod received a job offer as a senior director, one level higher than his previous position. He expressed gratitude, noting that this time, the interview experience was deeply satisfying for him, regardless of the outcome.

This story reminds us that while performance is essential, true success lies in being fully present and attuned to the person you are with. Through mindful practice, Vinod let go of attachment to outcomes and confidently and authentically navigated job interviews, paving the way for rewarding career opportunities.

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