Sharmin is an excellent coach and fully committed to helping you achieve your goals that start with first identifying “purpose”. She helped me discover my career intention. Her impact on people’s professional and personal lives is commendable. I highly recommend Sharmin if you are looking for leadership and executive coaching.

Founder and CEO

I feel fortunate that I chose Sharmin as my coach to help develop my coaching skills as a leader. I came out as a different person after finishing this program. My experience with coaching is so refreshingly different now. Sharmin created a place of trust and safety for me to try, explore and ultimately to learn and develop. I am now more natural and comfortable using coaching and I understand when to use coaching and when another tool is more appropriate. I would strongly recommend Sharmin to help you with your coaching journey – besides, she is a beautiful human being.

Enterprise Sales Director
Microsoft - Caribbean Region

Sharmin is an excellent executive coach and I would recommend her to anyone looking to engage in leadership development. She helped me discover my career intention, which resulted in an accelerated path to a leadership role over a five-month period. Her coaching methodology is focused on professional and personal development, which is key to be an effective leader in today’s business climate.

Technical Sales Execute
Health Care industry

Sharmin helped me reshape my thought process and approach to managing people and issues on a daily basis. Sharmin has also shown me the value of dedicating time to focus on being intentional and including all supporting team members in the journey. This has allowed me to leverage the collective group when trying to achieve goals. I would recommend Sharmin as a career coach to anyone that wants to take their career to next level.

Senior Manager

Thank you for taking the time to share your insights with us. In particular, I really like your advice to think of our goals in terms of being outcome based, which helps me think more concretely in terms of what I really want. It is also nice to be reminded that there are a lot of factors that contributes to our happiness, work and family is just a part of the happiness pie.

Senior Software Engineer