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    Why Hire a Coach When There Are So Many Books, Podcasts?

    It will be almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t read a self-help book, listened to a podcast, watched a TED talk, or any other YouTube videos that tell you how to improve your productivity and wellbeing, so on. I do have some of my favorites, giving me ideas, insights, and validations. One might ask, why would someone work with a coach when all such advice is already available? The short answer is, they are not mutually exclusive. One does not replace the other – both are useful. Reading books, listening to a podcast helps our overall awareness, we learn a thing or two. And there are times we need…

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    ICF Coaching Client Study – top motivators: Self-esteem, work-life balance & career

    Here are some nuggets from the ICF Global Coaching Client Study 2009: Clients are generally satisfied with the coaching experience. In addition to awarding very high ratings to all of the coaching criteria tested, the vast majority of clients also indicated that they were very satisfied with their experience. Further confirming the success coaches are having is the fact that almost all (96%) clients showed that they would repeat the coaching experience given the same circumstances that lead them there in the first place. Interesting facts –96.2 percent of coaching clients report they would repeat their coaching experience. — 82.7 percent of coaching clients report they are “very satisfied” with…