Everyday Creativity: Find your next best answer

The more I learn about life coaching it boils down to how to make life more satisfying from inside-out, from a higher level of human development. I see Life as our biggest creative pursuit – only if we focus on it with the right attitude, it is on us how we design it. Coaching can empower the client to focus and to design it in his/her own way. Photojournalist Dewitt Jones has described it as how we can discover extra ordinary things from aparently ordinary things when we have the right attitude. 
His Everyday Creativity teaches a surprising truth about creativity: that it’s not a magical, mysterious occurrence, but a ready tool that enables you to look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary. You’ll feel inspired and encouraged to apply his simple, yet powerful life techniques to your everyday challenges. Viewers will learn that creativity is not about being artistic, but about having the right attitude!

Watch the preview in this site.

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